Large html/php file in resources?

(Lance Harris) #1

My php script on a HTML stack is now several hundred lines long and growing…
I use TextWrangler to write and sadly the bit of the script I am working on is below the HTML page on RW and it won’t scroll down so I have to cut and paste the whole thing every time I want to publish.

Can I have an editable file in the resources and call it from my HTML page stack?

Please… thank you :slightly_smiling:

(Oscar Schmid) #2

Did you try to integrate the code in a text stack or a paragraph stack, instead of in an HTML Stack?
Maybe you can scroll better. Do not forget to ignore formatting.

I have no problems with scroll down in an HTML stack.

(Lance Harris) #3

Hi Oscar,

Yes tried a text stack but same problem.
The lines of code exceed the size of the RW window and basically when I click on the stack to edit it, the code gets cut off at the bottom of the window with no way to scroll down. Quite annoying.

I might have to set it up as an include file and upload it separately.

I would add a screen grab but can’t see an attachment option here.

(Oscar Schmid) #4

Here you can publish your images. Maybe you need to wait. New users can not publish images immediately. But you have joined Jan 7 !?

Perhaps this helps, when the file is on the server.
<a href="">Link to the file</a>
or this
<a href="%resource(php.html)%">Link to the file</a>

But the file is not editable.

I have 600 lines of PHP code. There’s no problem.
Which version of RW and Stack are you working on?

(Oscar Schmid) #5


When you saved the php file in TextWrangler as —.txt file, you have the complete php code in the browser window. Otherwise you see only a bunch of code.

Look here!

(Lance Harris) #6

Hi Oscar,

I have attached 2 grabs. The first is when I click on the HTML stack to edit it. The bottom of the window is as far as I can scroll. You can see that there is quite a bit of code below.
The second grab is after I toggle the Info pane… presto, I can now edit the whole script.

Not sure why that happens but at least there is a work around.


(Oscar Schmid) #7


The problem is known to me.
I have this problem too, but only in RW 5.3.2, with Stacks 2, not with RW 6 and Stacks 3.
There is another workaround :wink:
Enlarge the window of RapidWeaver, then all of the code appears.

(Lance Harris) #8

Pleased to hear that I’m not going mad :slightly_smiling:

My RW version: Version 6.3.7 (15153)
My stack version: 2.7.2 — maybe here is the issue - thought I upgraded!

Thank you for your support.

btw, do you know if the RealMac forum registration form is available as a stack?
ie, the real time checking of an email address being available and valid, etc.

Many thanks,

(Oscar Schmid) #9

Unfortunately no information.
I’m only a free moderator :wink: