Latest RapidWeaver Update

(Keith Cass) #1

Is anyone else having trouble with the latest update (8.1.7)? I have downloaded and extracted three times. When I click “Install and Relaunch”, RapidWeaver closes down and then - nothing!

The next time I open it I get the message about the update being available.

(Don H) #2

You’re trying to update with the built-in updater, correct? What version of Mac OS are you on?

I saw this on El Capitan.

You can download it direct from here, as opposed to using the updater.

(Keith Cass) #3

Hi DonH.

My ancient Mac is running on 10.11.6 so this might be the issue?

(Keith Cass) #4

Just used the link in your post and all is well. Thank you.

(system) #5

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