Most basic startup training

I need to know what courses to use when I am a true Rapidweaver beginner. I have 10 years in Hype animation, so not a web beginner, but…all of the course trainers seem to presume too much it seems like they want to showboat their knowledge and following some of their actions on screen don’t get me the same results.

For example, the latest 8 course shows a situation where the trainer adds a three column stack, but then goes back and drags a one column stack up at the top and his first three column stack drops down, one column stack drops in above it. But that does not work for me, the one column stack will not drop in.
I am obviously missing something, but have no idea what. Have never been a fan of video training, but its a lot easier to produce compared to a printed step by step text. (which is what I use in my high school teaching, pain in the butt to make but MUCH more effective with students even though they think they want video training.

There are so many different Rapid Weaver courses from so many sources that I am totally confused.

I am thinking from several attempts that I should start all the way back at the version 6 and 7 group?

Have tried diving in at the newest 8 group and those courses all seem to presume previous experience.

I love Joe and his YouTube series, but he’s all over the map and to doesn’t lend itself to new RW users.

Also. have installed (and paid for) Stacks, but always get the Buy Stacks emblem in the upper right corner, how to get rid of it?

My question is: What is the most basic beginners training course group? seems like the very earliest 6&& group and then work up?

Hi @tkdmaster5

Check out our RapidWeaver Academy. There’s a full-featured course on there (called ‘Lawyer’) that takes you step-by-step through re-building this web page. Is a really great introduction to using Stacks to build freeform pages.

All you need is Stacks (which you have) and the free set of Source stacks.

Any questions let me know.

As for your ‘Buy Stacks’ message. Which version of Stacks is installed and which version do you have a license for?


“Source” and “Stacks” is a really good way to start out. Tried and tested. Although, I have to say I began the hard way too when creating my very first RW site some years back. Whose template, whose stacks to buy, etc. etc. “Source” takes all that necessary decision making away so you can get down to the nitty gritty building of your site. Stuart’s “Lawyer” and “Vista” courses I also fully recommend. I’m sure there are plenty of others here on the forum who will second what I have said. Good luck.

Yes, I bought it, haven’t had a chance to work with it yet, but I opened the course and it looks like its very focused and organized, not trying to cover too much ground in too short a time.

Looking forward to it tomorrow.

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