Can't Activate RW7 on MacOS Mojave

Hi! Just got a new laptop with MacOS Mojave installed on it. Used the Migration Assistant to move everything over from a backup of my old laptop. Now, when I run RW7, I get the Registration Window… but when I enter my email address and license code, it just says “Unable to Activate. Please ensure your email address and license code are correct, then try again.”

I used the “Recover License” option and the email address and license number are correct.

Anyone have any ideas on what to try next?

There is this recent post from @Aaron

Thanks, David. I just checked that out, but I’ve confirmed that my firewall is turned off… and I don’t use any apps like CleanMyMac or MacKeeper, so it’s not them. :frowning:

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RapidWeaver 7 had a limited number of computers type of license(I think 2?). Could you have it registered on two already? Just guessing, but if you have access to the old computer and it still runs, you might want to deactivate the license on it menu >RapidWeaver 7>registration.

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@teefers - DOH! That did it! Thank god I hadn’t already wiped the old machine, so I could boot back up and do what you suggested. Once I deactivated the old computer, it activated right away on the new one!

Suggestion to Rapidweaver… give a more meaningful message in the error window. If it had said my activation limit had been reached, I would have known to do what Doug suggested!

Thanks again!


This is no longer a concern with RW 8 I believe, so I doubt they will have to do that any longer.

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