Lifestream Stack from from Weaveraddons not working anymore

(Stephan Römer) #1

Hey all,

back in 2013 I purchased Lifestream from Weaveraddons, however, the stack doesn’t seem to work anymore.
Any idea what happened? Maybe it’s not compatible with Stacks 3.0 ?



(NeilUK) #2

The demo on the Weaveraddons site doesn’t work either, and he hasn’t Tweeted since 2013.

No that that means he’s disappeared, but I’d look at an alternative if I were you.

The Wall stack from @yuzool seems a good replacement.

(Stephan Römer) #3

Ah, good point! I was wondering already. Well, I just noticed that I already purchased the Wall stack, when I subscribed to @yuzool :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Will check it out, thanks Neil!

(Stephan Römer) #4

Okay, that seems to work pretty well, however, I’m trying to limit the number of posts to a minimum, e.g. Twitter 3 posts, RSS feed 3 posts. But the “white space” used isn’t limited by the number of posts I’m chosing. Is there a way to make the Wall responsive?

(NeilUK) #5

The Wall demo is responsive.

What theme are you using? Do you have a link?

(Stephan Römer) #6

Hey Neil,

I’m using Regen from Multithemes. Actually there isn’t shown anything, but a lot of space.
I put the stack in the extracontent3 (footer, the grey area). In Rapidweaver, the preview shows
the Tweets. So, now there are 2 problems at once :sweat_smile:
No Twitter and not responsive.


(NeilUK) #7

To be honest, I’m not sure. I don’t have Wall so I can’t test it.

I would start another thread about your issues, or contact @yuzool directly. I’m sure it’s something pretty simple to resolve.

(Stephan Römer) #8

Good idea, will do that! Thanks Neil :blush:

(Michael Frankland) #9

As you can see from the demo page @Stevie1 :

Wall is completely responsive :slight_smile:

(Stephan Römer) #10

Hey Michael!

Thanks for the info!
Apparently the theme I use, has some troubles with the stack :fearful:

(Michael Frankland) #11

Send in an email with more info if you want us to take a look at it
Hope the project is going well :slight_smile:

(Stephan Römer) #12

Hey Michael!

Thanks! I will, I’m just slammed with work at the moment. I need to upload a test-version, so that I can show you the issue. Will get back to you ASAP. Hopefully tomorrow.