Social stacks using Twitter Widget defunct?

(Jürgen Schulze) #1

Hi all,

for my twitter feed, I’m using Lifestream from weaveraddons which is, as most of you know, not maintained anymore since 2 years but did a very good job for me, anyway. Today, I realized that it would not pull content anymore based upon the twitter widget. I thought Twitter might have applied a change that has put the outdated method to an end and tried it with TwitterFetcher from WeaverThemes. Here, the widget-method did not deliver results, either

  • Somebody out there running into the same problem?
  • Somebody successfully using the PHP-Powered method?
  • Somebody still successfully using the widget-method and with which stack?

Thanks for your help!


Edit#1: TweeCool from Doobox works with just the Twitter-Name (cool) but does not scroll results. It also does not allow for changing font size.

(Rob Beattie) #2

You could always use the official Twitter widget. It’s just some code you can paste into Rapidweaver.

(Will Woodgate) #3

I strongly suspect the Lifestream stack and other stacks might have been using older API’s for accessing and displaying tweets. Twitter has shut-down a lot of APIs in recent months, they’ve switched to SSL and killed-off many authorisation methods. The Twitter third-party addon market is virtually dead now. There seems to be a strong push towards promoted tweets and possibly advertising in the not-too-distant future.

As @robbeattie suggests, the official Twitter widget is probably the safest option you have left now:

(Jürgen Schulze) #4

Thanks a lot, gentlemen!
The final blow for Lifestream is a bummer (albeit it was to be expected). Was the best out there…
I just got feedback from @weaver (WeaverThemes) and he’ll release an updated version of Twitterfetcher today.
I will also give the “official” Twitter Widget snipped a shot and see how that behaves.
Thanks again and happy day!

(Stephen Foster) #5

I too had a problem with Twitter Fetcher stack not working over the last 24hrs. Contacted Weaver Themes and within 2 hours they issued an updated stack and all is now fine.
Excellent quick support!

(Jürgen Schulze) #6

Same here, @Steve_F. He mailed me this morning (CET)