Limit Text Lines?

In Foundation 6, can you limit a text stack to only show 2 lines of text, and then use this as a teaser to open a Lightbox with the full text?

You could set the height in a container to a static height and set the overflow to hidden. The text will just end abruptly when it reaches that height.

OK thanks. So, can the text box be nested like this? Small when not launched, but full size when light boxed?
i.e. is there a pseudo-state for “showing in a Lightbox?”

You would have the text inside of the Launcher. Then the lightbox would be outside of the Launcher and have the content that you want to display.

You should download the free F6 Template pack. There is a Lightbox template with full implementation notes. You can get it from …

So you must have 2 textboxes. One for 2 lines of text (in the launcher) and one for the full story (in the Lightbox).

Is there no way to use the same textbox?


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