Link Magic Marker2 with a Button

Hi guys. Just a question from a newbie from Italy. I want to replicate the mobile menu with a Foundation Button Group where in the first left button I place the menu that appear with a Glider effect, in the middle there are 2 button (phone call and send email) and in the right I want to place a button that link to a form section in the middle of the page (same page). My noob question is: how can I link a button (from Button Group) to scroll down to the Magic Marker2 that I place just above my form section? I hope there is a link to insert in the button and maybe a custom class to add…
I attach two screenshot to show what I mean.

Foundation, Rapidweaver8 and Stacks.
Here is the test website:
You have to go below 1000px to see the green bar
Thank for you support!

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