Scroll Down from Section Stack if using the proportional height as an hero image?

If i am using the section stack as an hero image, i would like to scroll down by clicking a button or other elements. But it just jumps to the point and does not scroll. Is it possible to scroll? Don´t want to use Impact every time i need this little feature. :slight_smile:

Just use a MagicLink and a Magic Marker from the MagicGellan stack set. You don’t need a MagicGellan bar for them to work.

If you look at the MagicGellan demo project download you will see them everywhere. The little down arrows are just button plus stacks set to icon only in a MagicLink stack - although you can use whatever you like in there.

You can download the project file from the product page


Got it! Thank you very much! Again! :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget you can also use the Section Fix stack to fix the arrows to the bottom of your Sections - it just makes layout a lot easier

Yes, i got your concept from your demo file. It works perfect. Applied the scroll Mate at the button and now it fade the opacity to zero. Looks great.

I really love your work. Have to donate you soon. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Glad its working OK.
You may want to post these sort of questions to the BWD G+ group as well, I get notification there for any posts and there are also tons of people who can also help if I am away.

I only say this to ensure that I get to see your questions and don’t miss them - I was lucky to notice this one.

Thanks for your kind words.

Started today my G+ and you are already (since today morning) on my list. :slight_smile: I am not used to use the social things, but i have to. I know.

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