MagicMarker linking from other stack

I am using magicmarkers to navigate throug a page but cannot address the markers from another stack.
What link should I use or what class, or what else???


I have no idea what “magicmarkers” are. Who makes the stack?

I think he refers to BWD’s Magic Marker (part of MagicGellan)?

If you want to link to a MagicMarker using the Foundation smooth scrolling then you can use the MagicLink stack in to which you can drop any stack you like.

If you want to link to a marker from, for example, within some text then you would have to just use the normal anchor approach of linking to #markerID where the markerID is set in the Magic Marker stack. This is essentially a Foundation fallback so that markers behave just like normal anchors that you would use.

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Thanks Andrew for the help.

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