Link Not Working For Warehouse Images

I am trying out warehousing images for the first time. I have some stacks that use warehousing, but am trying it first on a styled text page first to test. I obviously have link wrong, because I get the rectangle with a ? instead of my image when I preview. I have tried both links, and neither work. I have also tried deleting the repeated / To get the link I am using the Copy URL menu item, so I know it’s not a typo.

<img src="ftps://" alt="First Image" title="Title1" />

<img src="" alt="First Image" title="Title1" />

Here is where they are stored on my server:

What am I doing wrong?

I think it should be this:

Or actually this works better:

<img src="" alt="First Image" title="Title1" />

You can always put just url in a browser to check if it is good,

shows the image as where:

is a bad link.

When copying link from an FTP program, some things can need to be striped from the URL it provides

Most ftp programs have a “copy web url” option which is what you want. Not the “copy url” option.

Thanks to you all. Now that I know the format I can use it on the rest of my pages.