Internal linking

(Frank Steiner) #1

how can I add something like “?rwml=EN” to an internal link?
Of course I could type in the URL and add this line to it. This works fine, but I would like to use the internal page linking, otherwise I would have to change every single link if I would reorganize my site structure f.e.
I tried to use the custom attributes, but didn’t succeed.

Any Ideas

Thanks Frank

(Jochen Abitz) #2

Hi Frank,

If your link is

use this link:

This one is relative from your domain.
But it depends from which directory you are linking.

(Frank Steiner) #3

Hi Jochen,

thanx for your reply. This would probably work, but if I ever should change the folder structure od my website I would have to edit all those links, instead of just republish my whole website from rapid weaver. That’s why i would prefer to use the pagelink function inside RW.
My ida was to use the custom attributes, but I don’t know how :wink:



(Rob D) #4

Hi, Frank,

From your original post it looks like you are using the RWML stacks, correct? RWML sets the language attribute automatically for a viewer – depending on a viewer’s initial choice of language (using cookies).

(Frank Steiner) #5

Hi Rob,

thank you. Yes correct. At least I try to ;-). But I’m not yet sure if it is the better way, instead of building two separate sites. Because RW behaves very slow when I pack two languages on one stacks-page. And I miss the possibility to let f.e. pictures which should be shown in each language untouched instead of putting them in all language contents.
Or am I doing something wrong?

RWML sets the language attribute automatically for a viewer – depending on a viewer’s initial choice of language (using cookies)._

Are you sure? That would be much more easier :slight_smile:
But I’m not sure if that’s right. Because if I switched to EN f.e. and then click on a link to the next page where also RWML is used it may happen that it shows in DE instead or the other way round.
The best would be: As soon someone switches to a certain language all following links would select the same language on the other pages. But as this doesn’t seem to work like this I wanted to be sure and add a language selector to each link.



(Rob D) #6

I’m sure. I use RWML stacks myself and they work as described in the product page for RWML.

This is exactly how it works.

(Frank Steiner) #7

hmmm. that’s strange. Would you please be so kind and test it here:

if I select one of those pages in EN and then click on a link (not in the menu) below the menu it opens the next page again in DE.

(Rob D) #8

Yes, I see it happening as you described. Looks like your setup is incorrect.

My advice: use the sample project that is provided by Joost to see how exactly it is set up. If you don’t have that sample project, send me a Private Message with your email address and I will send it to you.

(Frank Steiner) #9

maybe it’s because I don’t use the RW-Menu. Instead I use top-bar with the foundation theme.
It offers me a lot more possibilities, but in this case may be it’s the reason for RWML not to work correctly.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #10

@frankensteiner Hi Frank, I have been using RWML on and must say it works great :slight_smile:. Apart of the content, menus, etc the slogan under the title is translated too. There was some issue that I din’t find how to translate the slogan under the title because there isn’t a RWML stack option to do so but Joost the developer of RWML have sorted it out and have send me a personalised snippet to put into the Settings>General>Slogan of my theme.

RW haven’t behave slow with the two languages on one stacks-pack, just working fine to me. RWML is a great stack if you need a multi-lingual website and must say the client support of RWML, Joost the developer, is top :+1: … just drop him an email and he will sort it out for sure.