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I need a single page with 100 of links (catalogue of species names). Clicking on a link should open the corresponding page of the group (f.e. cats) and scroll down to the species (f.e. lion). I thought I could just give a stack element a name (or attach a tag), pass on this tag as a parameter in the link, write some javascript that parses the URL and jumps to the correct stacks element.

If I set the link to “page” and nor URL, I can path on custom attributes. How can I “tag” a stack element like an image and scroll to the element based on the pathed parameter?

Any ideas or suggestions? I am happy to buy a commercial tool if it does this for me, but I could find anything.


It sounds like you are wanting to link to named ‘anchor’ points in the page.

Although every stack you add to a page has a unique ID, the trouble with these is that they are not particularly human-friendly and prone to change (without warning) when stacks get added or removed from the page.

Did you see the free Anchor Point stack from RWExtras?

As the name and description suggests, this simple stack will create ‘named’ sections in a webpage that you can anchor links to.

For example, this link will take you straight to the third chapter on the page.

There is no limit as to how many of these named anchors you can create on a webpage. Just some minor restrictions as to what the anchor point can be named and how it should be written.

It is an extremely simple stack to work with. Compatible with all newer web browsers. It only has two settings - one to toggle the display of instructions in edit mode and a second to specify the actual name of the anchor point.



Thank you. I understand that I can do this with some free stacks. But then the link will be an URL. This will not work for me. I am building sites that allow you to navigate species descriptions. As you may now, they are organized in a tree where the leaf node is the genus/species description: so the path to a certain species is something like: domain/order/suborder/family/genus.html and somewhere on that page is a stack with the species description for every species in the genus. Although the species descriptions are pretty stable, the path changes constantly as more genetic data becomes available. I need to be able to easily move parts of the tree to another node to reflect genetic discoveries. If my link is a page (in RW), RW weaver will take care of this. If my link would be a URL, I would need to update all links to show the correct path to a species.

I was hoping for a solution like this:

I would pass a parameter to the “page” (f.e. the species name). The “page” contains some javascript that is activated at the page load event, looks for the parameter and scrolls to the corresponding anchor (the species name).

best regards

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