Open in new window - not working?

I wonder if this still works… in my blog I add a link and click “open in a new window”. But when I look at the blog it opens in the same window… anyone else seeing this behaviour?

for example click “visit madeira” on this link (in the second screen down)


Could this link help?

Some conflict or precedence in the relevant JQuery loading???

My RW blog is generating this code for my external link
a href=​"http:​/​/​" rel=​"external">​small pony tank​​
so RW seems to be generating the recommended code from your reference link. Otherwise I am out of my depth trying to fix this…

Do you get external links to open in new window when you use this feature?




The links I clicked on all open in the same window, I’m afraid.

You’re not alone. I’ve been getting this too recently.
I have found it depends on browser. Opens in a new window with Chrome on Mac but in same window with Safari.

You might want to contact the developer of the theme - the rel=external code in the page should be triggered by the default Javascript that is required for every theme.

I’m having the same problem. I’m using the Blog Pop them that came with the program. Of fifty or so links, it seems that one of them only opens in an external windows, while all the rest open in the same window. All are checked “open in new window.”

Hey Johnny, I have contacted my theme developer to see if it could be a theme issue as Nik suggests above. We use Weaverthemes


Hello Paul, this issue has been fixed in the latest versions, can you try it and let me know?

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Thanks Weaver! Yes I have now installed the update for my “Shift” weavertheme and it does indeed fix the problem!