Links not opening in new Window. RW7 and Foundation

I’m making good progress with my first RW site but external links are not opening in a new window. Some of my links are to Amazon and, once in there, I cannot return.

Click any of the four books on this page:

Any suggestions please?

Just tried your link and they are opening in a new tab (that’s my browser default). when you open in a new tab or window the back button does not work.

Yep, opening for me too (on an older version of Chrome on a windows machine)

Thank you gentlemen.
I’ve taken the New Window off and I can get back via the back button.
Is there no way of getting the links to open in a new window?
The danger with the existing setup is that visitors may stay with Amazon.


Is your concern that your links aren’t opening in a new and separate window specifically (as opposed to a new and seperate tab within the same window)?

When I clicked your link initially, it opened in a new TAB (but same window) meaning your site was in one tab and amazon in the next one over.

When I click your link now, it is leaving your site entirely and going to Amazon in the same tab, same window.

Hi Jabostick
I’d like it to open in a separate window so that when that window is closed visitors are returned to the Yeadon Writers site.
I’ve now set the top two books to NO NEW window and the bottom two to NEW window.
Have tried in Firefox and Chrome with all the same results.
I’ve not actually looked at the tabs so will do that now.
Thanks a lot

In my Firefox browser, for example, there’s a setting where a user can have new windows open instead in a new tab, so that isn’t something that RW could control. Your bottom two books are working how I would expect them to be, as I set my browsers to use multiple Tabs in a single window.

But I think it is a browser/user setting, not a Rapidweaver one…

Just checked the tabs and they are as you say in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
Not so noticeable in Safari.
As mentioned, I’d like to be able to open the links in a completely separate window.
Is this possible do you know?

My thanks again

Just got yours and I’m inclined to agree.
Will leave it for now and re-visit it at a later date.
Trying to get the site finished and published at its own address.
A lot of tidying up yet and a few pages to finish.
Many thanks for your help

Kindest regards

No worries.

There may be some code wizards out there that can suggest a way to force opening a new window but I think the general idea is the web designer makes it so the the link doesn’t take you away from your current page and your job stops there. The user is the one who decides whether they want that in a new tab or in a new window via their settings.

Anyway, good luck with finishing!

It looks like that now.
Have done it in the past when I was on Windows and using Dreamweaver but can’t for the life of me remember how. Tabs were not widely used at that time so the browsers may have made the option redundant.

We used to use"target=_blank" included in the URL but this no longer seems to work.
It had a problem in that if you used it on two or three links then it left two or three of your initial site pages open. Probably went out with the dinosaurs!!!
Breadcrumbs were also very popular but I never looked in to that.

I’ll leave it at that.
Have a good night

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