Linking directly to a separate page

am a true novice here, but have made several one-page sites. now, i need to make a 2nd, ‘private’ page, not linked from the main, but one that i can send people to with a direct link.

i made a page, but can’t find it. i named it ‘private’, it previews correctly. i uploaded it. i thought the link would be: or private.html, but neither works.

what am i missing? thanks in advance!

ok, in cyberduck, i see my home page “index.html”, but NO second page. how do i sort this out, ie upload that page as a singular thing?

Log into your server to see if it uploaded correctly. If it has, right click the index.html page and get its URL, paste it into your browser and if it is correct it should open.

Why not add this new page to your existing site and use the - don’t show In Menu - Option in Settings so it is not visible

Alternatively, create a folder on your root folder, name it private and upload to that folder.

haha i JUST did that, linked to it: sitename/private/index.html & that worked! i need to learn how to do this as a second page in the main site project, but for now… this works. thanks all! great community…

If you open both projects in RW, you can drag the Private page over into your main site and disable -show in menu- in site settings for that page.

will try that later; right now, at least, i have a working situation. thanks!

I have recently setup access to members-only pages using SiteLok from Virbralogix and the SiteLok stack from Weaver’s Space. If you really want private pages, consider using that setup. The learning curve was a little steep and it took me the better part of a day to get SiteLok configured, but it really works well.

thanks, it’s serious overkill for what i need. ‘private’ in this case means simply ‘not public’. so am good… but interesting info…

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