Two RW "projects" for same domain, one for a sub-site?

Hello everyone, this my first post in the Community. I’ve tried searching for my issue but didn’t quite find a discussion on point.

I have a personal website to promote myself as a freelancer. I also have private pages for my family, with a family tree, family photos, etc. I used to use LockDown to password-protect those pages but LockDown has reached end of life. My ISP offers password protection for directories so I’m handling the security that way.

However, the issue I have is: I want the family pages to work like a separate site, with their own navigation links, not overlapping with my main website’s navigation links, and with a separate theme and resources. I don’t want to have to re-publish my main site’s pages if I add something to the family pages, and vice versa. I want them to function separately.

So I’ve set up a second project in Rapidweaver. My main site uploads to my_domain/ and my family site uploads to my_domain/family. (I’ve password-protected the “family” directory.) That folder has its own designated home page with filename index.html.

Is there any reason this wouldn’t work as long as I confine the family-pages files to the /family directory? Am I going to run into any problems with having two rw_common folders on the server, one in the home directory and one in /family? Any conflicts likely to arise?

I’m sure I’m not the first to want to do this. Thoughts on best practices?

The best thing to do is set up a subdomain. that makes it completely separated

Apart from using a subdomain, your approach will work. I am using this as well for many sites.

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