Creating a page that will link a Lightroom Gallery

Hi…I’d like to be able to use RW to create a page I originally made using Dreamweaver. I’m a photographer. So each client has their own page of jobs done. Each job is represented by a thumbnail and links to a Lightroom gallery with all the photos taken at that event. Any help would be appreciated.

With this, you are able to create Galleries using Adobe Behance Web Albums:

Grüße, Jannis

Hey Waldemar,

why don’t you use that feature out of LR itself?

Thnx…unless there’s something I’m not aware of, Lightroom does create the galleries, but what I’m looking for is a page, devoted to one client, with thumbnails of each job done, that will link to those galleries.

What should happen when someone click on the thumbnail? Should the Lightroom web album be opened in a (new) browser window?

With that, you will lose the visitor of your website, as he is directed somewhere else.

No, the gallery opens in the same window…the back button is available.

Lightroom creates these elements:

An assets folder
An image folder contains small and large pics for viewing
And an HTML .Index file

So, what I did in Dreamweaver is, starting with an empty page, add a thumbnail for each job done. That thumb would take you to the Lightroom gallery for viewing.

You can do this easily with the photo stack from nick cates:

See it in action

Thnx…but I’m not sure what I was looking at, lol. I phrased my question badly. Maybe what I’m looking for is more clear now…

Actually not…

Sure. It would be possible to use the “offline web galleries” (offline in terms that they don’t use the Adobe Lightroom Cloud) from Lightroom (HTML and asset folder) also in RW. That’s IMHO bad user experience, as the generated HTML file doesn’t fit the website styling done in RW.

Why not just use the asset folder (or any folder with images) and create the gallery on the fly? Here you have an example how this would work.

Thnx again…but again you’ve lost me. Maybe if I showed you. Go to go to my website…

Click on “Clients”, type in the word “center”, lower case, without the quote marks. And click on “lookup”. That should take you to the page I want to create in RW. As you can see, as I do more jobs, I can add more thumbnails.

Looks good. I sent him an email just to make sure.

So, is the overview site created with Dreamweaver? Do you have to open Dreamweaver in order to add a new thumbnail for a new Gallery?

yes, you have to open Dreamweaver in order to add a new thumbnail for a new Gallery?

So I took a look at the link you provided. It’s a nice but normal photo viewer. Only in the description does it say that you can possibly link it to something else. I wrote Cates but received no answer.

What you want to achieve is possible with RW and Stacks plugin.

Create a stacks page
Add a (e.g) 4 column layout
Place your thumbnails into the columns in the order you prefer
Upload your Lightroom web albums via FTP to your server
Link the thumbnails to the html files inside RW

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Hi Jannis……thnx so much for your help. I think what you suggested will work. Got one little kink left to work out and we’ll see. Thnx again.

Hi Jannis……I got stuck. Everything looks good, but I need to turn the client page we’ve been discussing page into an html in order to link my password stack to the page. Do you remember going there and typing in “center”? That links to the client page saved as an html. Thnx.

Just a friendly reminder that this forum is public, bots and spammers do visit and can see your phone number and email address.

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I cannot follow your problem.

Wish I could show you. This forum doesn’t allow attachments. So when you click on the “Client” header, it takes you to password page. I type the password in, click “lookup”, and it then takes me to the “client page” you’ve been helping me with. here’s the idea behind it…

"This lookup stack currently points towards the following path:

the space (password) being the name the name of the “client page” saved as an html. How do I save the “client page” as an html? Does that make any more sense? The “ClientIndex” folder contains the page we’ve been working on and all other such client pages.