Linking Mobile App with Website / Total CMS

I’m assuming that since total CMS is not supported by a database back-end, that it also can not be synchronized to serve data to a stand-alone external app?

Am I correct? Or are there other means to do this?

In other words, if someone adds a file, entry or a text change to a page on the website, we also want this to be reflected on the mobile app.

If the mobile app simply pull in the data from the webpage, why would it not work? I need more details in how everything worked I you would like a more detailed answer.

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I have a mobile app that syncs various blog categories with a website on WordPress. (It also has a feature where slideshows of presentations can be viewed and users can make private notes with each slide, but that is unique to the app)

Trying to setup a site with RW and basically do the same thing. The app has a back-end itself as well, so in essence I’m pushing the data from WP site into the app.

How is your app bringing in the content?

I’m currently reading the data from the same MySQL tables.

So the app is basically a window into a site living on your server.

Yes :slight_smile: I’m storing website and other data in a central database and pull in what is appropriate into the app. Editing directly on the site would be great for some informational / blog type data (news info etc.) but I would need to get that data either in a database the app can pull from or the app would need to directly be able to access it on the site somehow. It is not an option to pull any formatting into the app, so raw data is best to make sure it can be formatted in the app itself.