Total CMS - does content get overwritten by site updates

My client wants to be able to edit the news/blog page on his websites. I produced it for them in RW and manage and update it for them, BUT it would suit them to be able to add to the news page. SO, I’m thinking I’d add JW’s Total CMS to the site - BUT, how do we get on with future updates of the site on all the other pages? When I re-upload a revised site - will it overwrite the CMS content?

You can upload from RapidWeaver all you want and the CMS content will never get overwritten. :smiley:


Great, I’ll give either this or your other CMS stack a go then. Thanks.

Oh, I assume the client does not need to have RaipdWeaver? (because they don’t and they are all PC) - does one login to the site and edit that page? (like you would with WordPress or Joomla)

User just needs a browser not RW.
Just to be clear though, you can’t edit a RW built in blog page without RW.
I believe Joe is going to add a blog system to Total CMS in the future, not sure it is in there just yet. It does include a news feed type blog stack though.

If your user strictly wants to maintain a blog page and that’s it, there are many options. See add on’s on the community site.


Thanks @swilliam - when I say ‘blog’ page it will be simply a plain RW page (or whatever the total cms provides) with news items added to it. (I wasn’t planning on adding a RW Blog page type). Thanks for your input.

@shaunspirit Then the “Feeds” Stack inside Joes “Total CMS” package is exactly what you need. Just go for it, you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks @RapidBase :slight_smile: