Resource files links not working in RW7

I’m a long-time RW user, and recently upgraded from RW6 to 7. There were a lot of issues but I resolved them, or so I thought.

When I export/publish my site, links to files and downloads from the Resources folder don’t work. You can see that on this page, here:

None of the links to saved PDF, PNG or .MOV resources work.

I’ve already done the following:

  1. Removed and re-imported the resources
  2. Relinked each resource on the RW7 page
  3. Nuked the site and uploaded it fresh, including resources folder
  4. Cleared my browser cache

When I look at the link on the RW7 page, it allows me to unlink and relink to the resource, no problem. When I go to preview, it doesn’t work. When I upload, it doesn’t work.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

The links are wrong - open your page in a Chrome browser and roll your mouse over the links (very bottom & left of screen) to see where the point to, they all go to the same location - not the resource.

Check out this KB topic: