Links mysteriously go "null" - "missing page"

I am curious if anyone else has experienced this issue. Here is what I’ve had happen in all versions of RW that I’ve used. This has been over years of using RW almost every day:

I make a change on a page and publish. Page looks fine. Some time later a link checker reports a bad link on the page that I recently changed. Strangely, the bad link is NOT anywhere near where the last edit was. When I check the link in RW it says “missing page” but the page is not missing. I relink, republish, and all is fine.

This doesn’t happen a lot… I’d say every few weeks I get one these bad links on edited page. But always on links that I didn’t edit. Most times not even in the same stack.

Since this has happened in three versions of RW (5, 6, and 7) I’d have to say that I am doing the harm… but I can think of nothing I am doing to break links.


The only time I see this is when I delete a page from within my project and forget to update any links that pointed to it. Usually, though, the message I see is null/null.