Links to "http" external sites within the secure "https" site

My site is on shared hosting account and it has ‘Let’s Encrypt SSL’.

In my site I have some external links to “http” sites. I wonder if those links will still work after I switch my site to “https” (sorry for the silly question)?

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Links to HTTP sites (going to the site) should be okay. Anything that is internal (images, CSS, jquery,javascript fonts, etc.) need to be HTTPS.

You cna run your URL through this tester:
It does a good job of pointing out things that will block you.


Thanks, Doug, as always – very helpful info. I am just starting to get the necessary knowledge for the switch.

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You should be able to test your URL with why no padlock given above. just set your URL to HTTPS instead of HTTP:

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Hi… I just went thru this (and still fixing links). Both http and https will work. There is code you can put in your htaccess file to force all pages to forward to the https page but it will not change hardcoded image links etc. Thus, a page can be https but not show “secure” until all image links are fixed, etc. Chrome says “secure” when all links are https and it shows an “i” in a circle for “not totally” secure page. Other browsers do a bit differently.

If you don’t have hard coded image links (like buy buttons and such) then conversion is pretty simple.

see this for reference:

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Also… don’t forget to change your main web address in your projects to “https://www.” else your css, script, etc files won’t get https links.


Thanks, Greg. That is also helpful. :slight_smile:

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