SSL problem changing one link to https

On a site changed from http to https. Why no padlock indicates an http link. Found the source - multithemes creative tape theme. Opened theme in finder and found the problem link in the index.html file. Was able to change the http link to https in a text file and substitute for the original index.html file. However, all that did was mess up the theme style. Any suggestions?? This website was done in RW5 and do not want to update to RW6 (I have both, but keep them separate). Thank you for any advice!!! Shari

Without knowing what exactly you changed it’s hard to say. Changing http to https probably wouldn’t have “messed up” the theme style unless the file you changed isn’t available as a https file. But again without more details and a URL it’s hard to say.
I looked at multithemes site and didn’t see it but you could always ask the developer.

in the index.html file of the theme is the following link: That is what I am trying to change to https

@sharijos I’m sorry but the theme is no longer available.
If you have the original project you can try to recover the original style.

for further help drop me a message at infoATmultithemesDOTcom

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