SSL certificate (no green padlock) need to edit source code to https://

Successfully purchased and installed a SSL cert on my website, but I’m missing the ‘green padlock’ in the URL after republishing all my pages as https:// - This is due to http:// lines still being present in the source code.

I’ve located them and want to edit them, but I can’t see how I’m able to do this?

For example:

Insecure URL:
Found in:

Is this possible and if so could I kindly ask help to run through it.


If your links are entered manually, I believe you can change them to omit the http:, so See

I believe you can use the .htaccess file to rewrite URLs from http:// to https://.

Thanks, how do I find and access the .htaccess file?

I’ve fixed the ‘share-this’ with a SSL support patch in my Javascript. But I’ve still got these to go:

Insecure URL:

I went through this myself recently and the problem was down to certain stacks contacting non https resources. I ended up contacting the developers and pointing out the problem. Fortunately they updated their stacks accordingly. I believe the links can be changed to :// to get around this and where I had to include links myself I always used https:// pages.

Frankly I think all developers should be linking to secure https resources where possible but I am sure more will do this in future as SSL become more widespread.