List of Available Stacks

Where can I find a list of available Stacks?
Is there a registry or directory listing somewhere to browse what’s available?

Not all stacks are listed on the RapidWeaver Community pages.

True. For instance, the Big White Duck stacks are not there

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Listing stacks on the Community site is up to the developer. The Community site has a free account for developers to post their products. If it isn’t on the Community site that is because the developer has chosen not to list it.

The Community site is a great place to look for Stacks addons.

So, the answer to the question is, “there is no single registry or directory which identifies all available Stacks for the Rapidweaver platform”?

That would not be possible to know about every single stack. The Community site is the best location to find the majority of the addons for RapidWeaver.

CTAN does a pretty good job of tracking LaTeX packages. It’s not an impossible task.

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I would encourage you to build something to track all of the stacks out there. If you get it done that would help the community I’d say. For now the RW community site is the best place to find stacks addons. :grin:


Should I start a Patreon? Or some other crowdsource funding project?
Writing such a scraper isn’t trivial.
If you had the data, on the other hand, a simple catalog would be.
I’m surprised Rapidweaver doesn’t require registration.

That is definitely a lot of work, for sure. You’d not only need to write the scraper, which may vary wildly from site to site (and some developers like myself have multiple sites even), but you’d also need to organize a full developer list and keep that constantly updated too.

I say if this is something you’re passionate about, then you do you and build it. Patreon or Kickstarter or whatever.

Myself though — I’d just go with letting the developers do the hard work of manually listing their stuff on a prominent, centralized location like the Community site since the devs already can do it for free and we do all of the hard work in making the listings — also for free.

But again if it is your passion I say go for it!! :grin::grin:

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