Where's the search on the add-on website

I’m looking for a cookie stack/plugin and clicked on the “Get Addons” button in RW. It lead me to this site: http://rapidweavercommunity.com/rapidweaver/addons/?source=addonmanager

However, I cannot find a search field anywhere. Is this a bug, or a problem with my browser? How can I search for specific plugins/add ons/stacks on this site?


The only one I know of is the one by Joe Workman (I think), this may just display the EU warning to meet EU laws… not sure, I don’t use it.

RE: Searching in RW Community, go to the Community Page, click on Addons, then select all, you can refine your search there.

Note: There is no search for a specific stack (yet?), but you can search by Dev, by Type (stack, plugin, theme, all), you can subset by recent, new, etc, you can search by category…


@svsmailus I’ve not checked the addons website recently but I know the StackCentral website lets you sort stacks by type / developer or search for specific keywords. It lists more stacks too: http://rapidweavercentral.info/stackcentral/

@svsmailus You also have the option of my Gateway stack which is perfect for displaying cookied content or messages.

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Thanks guys,

The sad thing is that the community site is next to useless without a search facility. The old add ons site was much better. I was able to type in my search criteria and the site would show plugins, stacks and themes that matched the search. The new site just pushes the featured add ons. Even google search is more useful.