Lister Stack will not change size of the text


Using the lister stack to create a list but while I can change the icon I cannot change the size of the text. How to I do that?

Also I had a lot of problems getting the first item in the list to be positioned correctly. The first item had a larger icon than the rest of the list and was positioned further to the left in the list.



Using RW 755; lister 120


One more item – I am using Foundation as my blank theme.

In the Lister stack inspector, select the “Override Theme List Styles” option. You can change the text size there.

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Thanks for your response. Using lister, as the list gets bigger using your suggestion, it seems all that is affected is the icon, but not the text.

Is there another list stack anyone would recommend?


Are you actually using the “Override Theme List Styles” option? It’s very easy to change the font size.

If you are increasing font size (i.e. NOT icon size) and it’s not working then my guess is it’s a Foundation issue. I doubt this is the case, but someone like @joeworkman or @zeebe could confirm/deny about how Lister works with Foundation.

I’ve just tested it in Foundation and the Item Font Size does change when you use a Styled Text list or a Markdown list.

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Please provide a screen shot of your settings… (ie: are you using Styled Text, Markup, or…???)

Uploaded an image. Lister has worked for me in the past, several months ago. Not sure what has changed.

Thanks for your help.

At this point it’s really hard to help without a link to the “offending” page.


I copied and pasted the list from WORD initially. I just pasted the list in TextWrangler, saved it and pasted it in RW using the Lister stack and all is well!

So something happened (even tho I always paste as plain text) with the WORD text that caused a problem in the Lister Stack.

Thank you for all of your help!


Word is the problem. Word does not treat “text” like plain text. It adds all sorts of “bits” to the formatting (even if you think it’s plain text). So that’s what screws things up.

Any plain text editor (Wrangler, Byword, Scrivener, and tons others) will be fine.

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