Live shipping rates

Does anyone know of a Rapidweaver friendly cart option that allows live shipping rates to be displayed and selcted in checkout?

Ultracart has this but it’s not cheap. You need volume sales to justify it. Many options such as packing solutions. With product size and weight it will calc if something fits USPS Flat Rate boxes and offer choice to customer. It has many many options in all aspects. I use just the “backend” and “Add to Cart” buttons. ie: The store is made of regular RapidWeaver/Stacks pages, not a “Front End” cart. But if you prefer a “front end” it’s available. It also has many plugins available such a “amember” “quickbooks” and others and digital file delivery. Again, due to cost it’s not for everyone but if you need the options and flexibility they are there.

If I understand what you’re saying check out Ecwid

There’s a free plug-in for RapidWeaver and some paid stacks available.

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