Online store for physical products

I’m hoping somebody within the RapidWeaver community has already blazed this trail and knows how to do this.

I wouldn’t have thought something like this would require so much rocket science.

I’m in the US, where a client hired me to build out an online store selling physical products with payment(s) made through PayPal. The products weigh 2 to 6 pounds, and are 3-feet in length, which means shipping costs can vary widely based on where they are shipped and who the shipper is.

Some buyers might want the products shipped overnight, maybe 25% of the time–so that capability should also exist.

Is there a RapidWeaver plug-in/add-on shopping cart system that can take in shipping information such as weight, distance, and preferred delivery time and assist online buyers make a buying decision and then provide the selected data/shipping parameters to my client so they in turn can fill orders and ship out product based on those parameters?


@davidfreels, you might try RapidCart Pro 4 or PayLoom 3


Neither one of those is for physical products.

Cart might do the trick.

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Actually, @davidfreels, RapidCart Pro 4 should handle physical product. I have RapidCart 3 (not Pro) and you can indeed set up physical product with shipping tables, etc. The shipping stuff is a little tricky (not nearly as thorough as, say, Amazon, with zones and such), but it can be done!

Hi @davidfreels, yes, both offer Physical Goods as well as Digital (I own a copy of both), they both offer shipping, zones, different product sizes, etc. Cart might do the trick as well but I don’t have that one and have not investigated it. The product description page says it as well, try the demo site for each and have a looksee :slight_smile:


Do you know of any RapidWeaver built online stores that sell physical goods? That’s what I’d most like to see. It’s one thing for a developer to say their product works for something like this, but it’s another thing altogether for it to actually work.

I’d like to see something that’s actually working.


Thanks for the link, but the store isn’t working for anything going to the USA. When I click add to cart for any and all products, nothing happens. When was this built?

@davidfreels hmm… let me look at that, I wasn’t told it wasn’t working…

@davidfreels - thanks again for letting me know the store isn’t working. I am not certain as to why, but I am working on it.

The shop here - - sells physical CDs. IS that what you mean?


Sort of. Yes, they are selling a physical product, but they are disclosing upfront exactly what their shipping and handling fees are, which is actually fairly easy to do with something the size of a CD.

What I’m looking for is a RW-built site/store that takes into account specific variables such as physical size, physical weight, and physical shipping distance (from seller to buyer) and calculates a shipping fee as part of the checkout process.


Hey David,

I have exactly the same problem you have - my site sells physical goods with different colors, sizes, etc. I used cartloom for a while, but found it wasn’t great for product options, reviews or SEO with google shopping. I just recently switched to Volusion, with OK results. It is better and more robust than anything within the RW community, but is a bit clunky and difficult to customize to your own individual site. It offers more of a “standard checkout experience”. I am sure however that it will work for what you describe regarding variable shipping costs and only accepting paypal. It is also very easy to integrate with the rest of your RW site.

To any developers out there who are reading this - I would love it if someone would write a robust, SEO friendly shopping cart program for actual physical goods with RW that has some of the key features that the more generic shopping carts offer such as product reviews, sales reports, etc. I love the flexibility that RW offers for everything else. Please feel free to contact me if you wold like more input or simply go to Volusion or shopify to see the key features they offer for physical goods.


@davidfreels - have you looked at the RapidCart 4 site? RapidCart Pro 4 | Foreground | Tools for RapidWeaver and Mac

From there:

Seamlessly support both physical and digital delivery for your products.


Set up shipping rates by fixed-price, tiered pricing, weight-based, and location-based rates.

Regarding my client’s site, I’ve lodged a support ticket with Omnidea (@gibo ) as the issue appears to be in their plug-in with a call they’re making to another plug-in (that’s the symptom anyway). I’m still waiting for an answer - it has been a couple of days. While I’m waiting I’m going to try tracking the problem down myself since having my client w/o her storefront is a bad thing…

At the moment RapidCart can’t calculate shipping costs upon delivery distance. That’s by design.

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

Why–by design–do you not have this feature included?

Are you saying you’ve intentionally left this out? If so, why? How complicated would it be to put it in?

Do you have another solution/solutions you can suggest?


At the moment you can add several shipping methods with different costs like “In store pick-up”, “Domestic” and “International”, but shipping cost can’t be calculated using actual distance.

You may want to refer to our demo project to see how to add different shipping methods.

@davidfreels NOW you can go check out and check out the store. The problem has been resolved.

I sell physical goods online and I simply offer “free shipping” and have added any shipping costs directly into the price of the item. If your client is open to this, it might be a good way to not only attract customers, but make everyone’s life a bit simpler. You can see my online store at my STORE.

I built the online store using Nick Cates Light Page stack as the foundation of the store with YabDab’s Pay Snap Stack suite, which uses PayPal.