Please can i contact REALMAC support?

@dan @ben I have tried to post this question on the REALMAC support page, but the CATCHPA thingie doesnt work !!!

hi i am a happy customer of chillidoghosting, greg suggests i use SFTP for publishing my RW projects, which i have been doing for sometime with no problems.
but recently i have been unable to UPLOAD anything normally at all, RW tells me there is a SSH error.
i havent used any of the SSH keys for added security, so why cant i publish anything.

It isnt ONLY chillidog where i am having this trouble, i am having trouble at two more web spaces, at BYETHOST and JUSTHOST so the only common denominator is RAPIDWEAVER
Please what can i do to resolve this problem


@DaveFox hii Dave, yeah i been having this trouble all dammed week LOL.
I contacted my supplier “plusnet” they said everything was ok, but now reading what you did, it seems i should keep on at Plusnet in the hope of contacting someone who knows what they are doing :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I have just been chatting with a lady working on the Support Chat at Plusnet, for the 2nd time this week, have spoken to a Lady at Plusnet :- BOTH of them say “dont know what FTP is”

Later:- i had a chat with a Fella a minute ago, he knew what i was talking about , but i dont have a problem at his end of my phone line ???

What do i do now. Could it be RW ??


You can always just email your issue to … no captcha required.

@timmytoad could you email in the project file to — include a link to this thread and we’ll get it looked at ASAP.


@LaPan Thanks Brian, yay, i’ve already done that, and got a reply, see below :slight_smile: Thanks


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@ben Thanks Ben, I can happily report, that i firmly believe the trouble was with my Phone Provider and nothing to do with Rapid Weaver :slight_smile:

I am now flying along, with my UpLoading :slight_smile: