Live video on Rapidweaver site?

I’d like to embed a live video stream from a webcam onto in my Rapidweaver site can any one help me…is there a stack or third party program needed?

Has there been any advancement in the using live video in a rapidweaver website or a stack? @zbloomz

This is what quite a few of us in the weather community use for connecting camera hardware to networks for live streaming or for recording time-lapses. Broadcasting static images to your web server at timed intervals is pretty easy to do, but streaming live video is a bit more difficult to setup. EvoCam is possibly the easiest and most customisable app use for the job and has compatibility with a lot of USB and IP connected web cams.

For live events, you have the choice of using services like these:

Most of these streaming services give you code you can embed into your webpage, for displaying the video. These would certainly be easier to get setup, but might have restrictions on video length or where the video can be embedded.

Typically you will want something that mentions it supports embedded HTML5 video. That is the standard for embedded video on the internet which most web browsers and devices can play.

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New to the forum, but have used RW for a couple of years. My website is here East Fleet Farm Touring Park . It is on a michaeldaviddesign theme template.
I am trying to find out the easiest way of uploading time-lapse images from a webcam of the campsite? There seems to be very little info for webcams on Rapidweaver. I have looked at Evocam, which seems like it will handle the camera side of things on my LAN, but I’m not sure how to embed the images into a RW site? Is there a stack that would allow it? I guess I can ftp an image to my host server that just overwrites the old one, but can I do this directly into a RW rendered file?
Thanks for any advice.

Here is an example of what I’d like to achieve webcam

For anyone who’s interested, I figured it out. Beta version of the page here. webcam

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What did you end up doing? (In case others are searching for webcam solutions)


I created the page including a random image the same size as I wanted the camera shot to be. Then I ftp’d into the published files to find what Rapidweaver had named the image upon publishing it. It was called something like stacks-image-123456.png . I thought that the png tag might throw a spanner in the works, but it didn’t.
Locally I downloaded a trial version of Evocam and used a spare Acti ipcam i already had. Evocam was pretty straightforward to configure. Has option to upload image at preferred size and time lapse, and file name. Had to enter the ftp details and path obviously. But essentially evocam just overwrites the existing image on my hosts server.
Hope that makes sense.
Would like to find a way to look back through previous 12 hours or so, but that’s for another day.