Wistia video embeds with Rapidweaver

The quality of Vimeo videos has has become a real problem since they enabled adaptive streaming. In theory it makes sense but in practice it isn’t working at present so I am looking at alternative options including self-hosting and Wistia.

Has anybody ever embedded videos using Wistia on a Rapidweaver project? I am using Foundation that includes a video stack for Vimeo or Youtube but not for Wistia. I thought I would be able to simply add an html stack and paste the responsive embed code from Wistia but it isn’t working. Any ideas?

Mystery solved: It does show up after publishing but cannot be seen in the preview mode using RW for some reason.

Likely because Wistia prefixes with // in their URLs, which we don’t transform (currently we have a set of domains that we transform to http:// to enable their rendering in preview - this will be improved in future).


@nikf Thanks for the explanation.