Local project folder - tidy up old sub-folders/files?

Hello, It seems that every time we add/amend a project page in Rapidweaver (V8.7 running on Mac OSX 11.1) or publish the project to the host a new sub-folder is created with the extension: PROJECT_NAME.rw8.sb-nnnnnnnn-nnnnnn. Does anyone know if we can we delete these? Thanks.

Is that the actual name of the folder?

Hello Doug,

No, the unanonymized folders names are (these are just a sample of the many):

Web Site V12 200101.rw8.sb-cfdadb64-ulhmbG
Web Site V12 200101.rw8.sb-cfdadb64-uHXeV1
Web Site V12 200101.rw8.sb-cfdadb64-qssEEs
Web Site V12 200101.rw8.sb-cfdadb64-qDbLEk
Web Site V12 200101.rw8.sb-cfdadb64-MDirJ1

so seemingly a folder with a random extension is created every time we change/save a page.

A single subfolder exists below the above folders called Resources, and below the Resources subfolders are a number of, what at first site appear to be randomly named subfolders, such as:

Web Site V12 200101.rw8.sb-cfdadb64-MDirJ1 > Resources > 0D5CF8B5-3EC5-44B2-A20E-9FD02AD6F241
Web Site V12 200101.rw8.sb-cfdadb64-MDirJ1 > Resources > 1A329514-1BCE-44B0-A36D-0DAD9CAEFD2C

but the Resources subfolder names are constant; ie.

Web Site V12 200101.rw8.sb-cfdadb64-qDbLEk > Resources > 0D5CF8B5-3EC5-44B2-A20E-9FD02AD6F241
Web Site V12 200101.rw8.sb-cfdadb64-qDbLEk > Resources > 1A329514-1BCE-44B0-A36D-0DAD9CAEFD2C

These sub-subfolders contain two files, one example of which is:


where the privacy_policy_notice.pdf file is one of our ‘live’ files in our RESOURCES LIST folder. I have not counted, but it seems that a sub-subfolder is created for every item in our resource list.

As the folders are created every time we make a change to the project, we have a lot of these subfolders cluttering up the project folder and want to delete them.

Thanks for your assistance.

I’m a little confused about where and when you see these mysterious folders.

Are they on the host or on your Mac?

If they’re on the Mac where are you storing the project file (local HDD, cloud, NAS, etc, etc)?

To they appear when you Ave the project or when you publish?

Perhaps some screenshots of what you are seeing might help us understand what you are seeing where.

I can say I haven’t seen anything like this before.

Hello Doug,

The fact that you have not seen this before is key. It must be our environment.

To answer your question, the Project file/subfolders reside on a NAS on our intranet. We communicate with the NAS over Apple File Protocol (AFP) and the NAS has version control enabled. From the fact that you have not seen our issue leads me to think that the NAS version control is creating temporary copies of the Rapidweaver files being accessed/saved and these temporary files are stored in separate folders.

We see something similar with Microsoft Office applications/files, but the temporary files are, mostly, automatically deleted when the application is closed. Very occasionally, the odd temporary file will remain, but this is usually where connection with the NAS is interrupted.

Our issue might be where Rapidweaver/AFP are not fully updating/closing the connection session with the project folder on each SAVE and this is why we have so many subfolders.

Anyhow, that you know nothing of the odd folders (original post) answers my question. I will delete all the ‘temporary’ folders.

Regards, Gary


That sounds like the issue. RapidWeaver project files are actually a special kind of Mac folder called a package. You can actually right-click the project files and select to view the package content.

Many other folks have had issues with project files becoming corrupted and unusable when they store them on cloud services (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc) and NAS drives.

So right now you’re getting some extra folders being created, but later on you might have much more serious issues popping up. Most people have now moved there project files to being kept on their local HDD drive and when they need to share them then they zip the project file and copy the zipped file to the cloud or in your case the NAS drive.

I’d probably suggest you not store the project on a NAS.

Hello again,

That is not an option for us as we access the Rapidweaver project using two different computers at two different physical locations so need the project file to be on a shared device.

We will just delete the ‘temporary’ folders from time to time and rely on our NAS’s version control to ensure that a corrupted Rapidweaver project file can be readily recovered to a good version.

Regards, Gary

This is not a RW issue. I get the same type of folders with the same sort of names

eg. fred.docx.sb-6a1d7ed9-UNs6VS

when editing MS Word files across the network from my Mac. I upgraded to Catalina only a couple of months back but only noticed this issue after a recent Office update so my initial guess it’s been triggered by macos 11 compatibility updates but that is just a guess. In the case of word the folders are empty but only exist after saving the document. I just delete them.

I hope that you have tested recovery from the NAS version control.

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