Rapidweaver creating an extra folder every time a file is being saved


Since the last two versions RW is creating an extra folder every time a file is being saved. For example this folder name is “filename.rw6.sb-451708d2-40cKGV”. The folder name always includes “sb” , has several subfolders and after a while these folders can take up a lot of space on the harddisk. Is this normal behaviour of RW?


I’ve noticed this too!

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I am having the same issue and it’s quite bothersome. I don’t like having to drag these folders to the garbage every time I save my project(s).

Can someone from RW please tell us how to make it STOP?

I hope that someone from RealMac comes up with a solution or, at least an explanation of why these folders are being created and if it is safe to remove them.

These are temporary folders that the system should clear up. Are you experiencing it with a project that has just a styled text page in? We’ve seen this reported before, but never able to recreate (which may point to a third-party plugin causing issues).


That happened to me a couple versions back. Going crazy deleting 100’s of folders! It corrected itself as suddenly as it started, no idea what was causing it. Good luck!

The website that I’m experiencing this problem with is very comprehensive, 35 MB in size and consists of very few styled text but also contains a lot of Pluskit photo galleries, some videofilms and five offsite pages. This afternoon I changed some text to check if this would create a folder as I described in my first post and it indeed created a folder “wportal-def.rw6.sb-451708d2-TC1FeA”.

I’ve been dumping them in the trash and it hasn’t removed/changed my final saved version at all. I just don’t like the clutter it’s creating every time I save a project.

Hi there, the thread is a little bit older, but I think, the problem isn’t solved. ?? The same phenomen started at my docs at the 28.10.2015 after I imported or worked with stacks with some elements. When I started with some RW-Base-elements (Text/Album etc) nothing happens. Only when I save a special stacksdoc or I imported this element (cut&Paste - or dragging). After I openend the reduced documents onto the same elements I saved them and opened the rw6-sandwichfile with textedit. And what a surprise! The file with the save-problem has a much bigger content.plist file in the first level.
Here are the both files, reduced on one page > http://www.bdax.de/bdaxbilder/RW.zip
Part of > http://www.kunsthandel-georg-boehringer.de/
What are your experience with your documents?
Roger > RW 6.3.5 / Stacks 3.0.2 / IMac 10.11.1

Hi Roger,

This problem I experienced with the temporary folders which were created but not removed after closing RW suddenly disappeared. I already had forgotten about it. I cant open the files which you sent me because I do not own that theme. So I can’t look into it anymore. I’m sorry I can’t help you.

Hi Guys!
I´ve been experiencing something similar for this past few days; I get tons of folders, RW sometimes show me “Error on last Exit” but I can´t send this because of another error saying “time out”, nor can RW save my files sometimes. This is very new for me, as I´ve been using

RW since started many years ago.