Locating Resources - please explain

Locating Resources

RapidWeaver creates a “resources” folder at the root of your website (e.g. http://www.myrapidweaversite.com/resources). As your project’s resources and folders are published they’re added to the “resources” folder.

What do you mean by at the root of your website?


Just as files on your hard drive are arranged hierarchically (Documents/Pictures/medical/pre-operation, perhaps; then Documents/Pictures/medical/post-operation - so that pre and post-operation are at the same level with respect to their ‘parent’, medical, and its parent Pictures and in turn the parent of Pictures, which is Documents), so a website starts at the root of the document which - as you imply, perhaps - may be a little misleading at first because there are almost always multiple documents (= pages) in a website.

On the web server, which sends the web pages (documents of text, images, sound files etc) to browsers that request them, there is a similar structure.

RW puts the ‘resources’ collection of documents to which you are referring at the highest level (it effectively has no parent, only children) of the structure to which you send you pages when you publish a site.

Thanks Mark,

I have been running some tests and I have seen that RW actually uploads the files in resources to the server in a folder called resources. That makes sense.

Now it also has to work on the server of my new Host.

That’s right! And ‘resources’ has no parents - although strictly-speaking you should those at the top of this article - only children.