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Could someone point me in the direction of the current location of the Knowledge Base? I am interested in learning about Extra Content Containers.
See attached screenshot.

The RealMac RapidWeaver KB is here:

Don’t think you will find anything on Extra Content Stacks, as that’s not a RealMac (or Stacks) product.

Here are some resources for Extra Content:

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@mokane99 As I said by email a few days ago, if you are trying to access the ThemeFlood Knowledgebase for articles like ExtraContent, simply go to any one of the theme product pages.

Look under ‘support links’ in the sidebar and click the link marked ‘ThemeFlood Knowledgebase’.

For example, if you want ExtraContent, here it is:

Like @teefers says, you are unlikly to find much information on topics like ExtraContent in the Realmac Software knowledgebase or RapidWeaver user guide, because ExtraContent is not a part of the theme API. This is a third-party developer collaboration.


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