Lockdown page previews OK, but blank page in browser

I’m using RW6 with Lockdown and have for several years and it’s worked well. Everything looks good right now in preview, but when I look at the sight with Safari or Firefox, the password box pops up, after I enter the ID and PW, the page is blank. I’ve reloaded the entire site, checked the page and everything looks good. Don’t know why it’s not displaying on my Mac or my iPhone.

I need to add that I’m using the same RW6 with Lockdown for another site, and it works.

There are a number of causes:

  • it could be that your .htaccess file has become corrupted somehow
  • it could be that the hosting provider has changed some settings on the server
  • it could be that the pages themselves need to be published.

I’d recommend a “Republish All Files” (in the File menu) – this will force the entire site to be republished.

If that doesn’t have any affect then I’d recommend removing the .htaccess file manually (log in to your host and delete it) then republish.

If that doesn’t work, or you have trouble with any of these things, then please contact support@yourhead.com. We can try a few more specifics.


I did republish all the pages. Didn’t’ fix the problem. I’ll try the .htaccess file next.