HTML Not Showing Upon Publish

I added the HTML to my site - using the RW HTML stack - for a log-in box. It shows just fine in preview mode, but when published to a local file on my desktop, it’s not there. Any idea what might be happening? Any help very much appreciated, thank you!


A URL would help folks help you out.

Its not yet published live, only to my desktop folder. I’m still working on the site :slight_smile:

Can you share the HTML here and then maybe someone else can try it?

How are you viewing the site on the desktop? Are you using a web server like MAMP or just looking at the file with a browser?
Depending on the html code it’s hard to say but from the screenshot it appears to be a login of some kind. Most of those require PHP to work. RapidWeaver preview provides a PHP engine, MAMP would also provide the PHP.
Just viewing with a browser might be the problem. What happens when you preview with the browser from within RapidWeaver?

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