Locked Stack - Styles query


I have recently purchased a page lockdown stack @yuzool (https://store.yuzool.com/item/locked-stack) and have encountered a bit of an issue with the formatting styles not applying:


Are these setting not supposed to apply to the stack?
I can’t see any changes in the preview mode, are these only visible upon server upload?

For anyone wondering, the colour/formatting settings can be changed manual by editing the html file corresponding to the lockdown page system selected (1-8), these are found in the ‘files’ folder when uploading/extracting the project out of RW (here I have used lockdown style 1):
It’s too bad that this has to be done manually, rather than through the existing RW interface.
Anyway, the rest of the stack functionality is acceptable.

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I prefer Page safe for many differentreasons… it works out of the box. You can also manage passwords with TCMS if you like…

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