Yuzool - Box 3 Stack

I have just bought the Yuzool stack - but I’m finding that if I create a second stack on the same page, its formatting is uncontrollable; it simply doesn’t behave as instructed (i.e. thumbnail size).

I tried the support email address on their page, but it bounced back from the mail server, saying the address doesn’t exist.

My page that displays the problem is here: https://www.evermorealbums.com/SITE/leather/
(disregard the poor formatting of this temporary page, otherwise).
Note that the 2nd stack is a copy & paste (and therefore should be identical) of the one above it.

I’m desperate!!!


That page looks like it’s missing its styling. Can you try re-publishing it?

Also, since he’s been here recently, paging @yuzool and maybe he can help - and also clear up the support email issue?


Isn’t this the same issue you posted here about?

This is why you shouldn’t repost, it looks like it was already pointed out that something was missing from publishing. Now other people trying to help you, are spending their time redoing what has already been pointed out.


Thank you @robbeattie! I wasn’t aware that @yuzool had been active here recently. I hope he’ll see this thread.

Yes, I am rather desperate for a solution, as my site needs to go live within 6 days. What’s worse, I bought ‘Box 3’ thinking it was ‘Box’, based on the advice of a forum user on another post - so I’m having to make the best of what I have now and trying to get different minds involved (yuzool hasn’t replied about a request for a Box refund, or other solution either).

Thanks for your help and patience, gang. I really appreciate it!

Thanks from Down Under,

Indeed, your desperation aside, starting three threads about the same topic doesn’t help your cause … just possibly annoying the audience here …

Just a few comments, not sure, whether they help, though:

  1. Yuzool selling both a ‘new’ version (BOX 3) separately, and at the same time an older version (BOX) in a discounted bundle is indeed very confusing - especially, since the two versions apparently do NOT offer the same functionality. Watching Yuzool’s video obviously states that BOX 3 is very different than the previous versions (automatic masonry layout, single stack, almost no more settings, etc). In addition his demo page is broken …

  2. The fact, that you see the ‘wrong’ layout and e.g. missing titles already in RW review mode, indicates that it has little to do with the publishing, but rather that the BOX 3 stack just isn’t doing what you were hoping for. Don’t chase for a bug, when the stack doesn’t even provide what you need.

  3. Based on a discussion thread in this forum Yuzool’s support and business attitude has been severely called in question. Take it for what it is worth, but don’t waste your time with uncertain outcome.

Maybe a little bit more constructive:
Please check the Gallery Stack from InStacks (@instacks) instead. Janis provides immediate and excellent support, and the demo pages provide a good overview of the capabilities of the product, which apparently provides a lot of flexibility. There are likely other solutions with similar functionality available, too (others mentioned Stacks4Stacks) Since you seem to be pressed on time, I would simply eat up the BOX 3 investment, switch to a different solution and get it out of your way.



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