Page Safe Stack by JW (Help!)

(Monica Sayegh) #1

Hi, I am having great challenge!!!

I have purchased Page Safe today and add it to my Foundry project hoping to lock a couple of pages for my project. It is not working. "The page when published does not download to the browser. (I have followed the JW video tutorial, by adding the page safe stack at the top of the page and assign an exact ID and Pin No).

Any idea why?? Does anyone have the same issue using Page Safe Stack with Foundry? If yes, what was your solution?


(Robert Ziebol ๐Ÿ––๐Ÿผ) #2

Do you have a URL to the malfunctioning page?

(Monica Sayegh) #3

yes @zeebe

(Robert Ziebol ๐Ÿ––๐Ÿผ) #4

Sorry for the delay, but your server is running PHP 5.4 and you need 5.6

(Monica Sayegh) #5

I will ask the client to contact his hosting co. for a server upgrade to 5.6!

(Monica Sayegh) #6

@zeebe, Hi, my clientโ€™s hosting service updated his server to run as PHP 5.6 yesterday, but the issue still there. The stack still not working?
here you are the URL as of today after the update:
please advise.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #7

You are getting Javascript errors on that page, which seem to lead into a looping reload of the page, and therefore it wonโ€™t be displayed correctly,

(Monica Sayegh) #8

@instacks thanks Jannis for the info. I have sent the project to JW and they are looking into to it.

(Robert Ziebol ๐Ÿ––๐Ÿผ) #9

According to your server is NOT 5.6

Just took that screenshot

(Monica Sayegh) #10

@zeebe, thanks Robert. I will send this to my client as he has confirmed to me that Godaddy updated his server to 5.6. regards.

(Alfred Schulz) #11

Hi Monica, I had also a foundry project with page safe and no result like You!
Look now here, what i could do!?
kr fred

(Monica Sayegh) #12

@alterfred, Hi, I should have posted that the Page Safe stack is working perfectly with Foundry, please follow these steps:

Updated the server (should be 5.6).
Make sure the Page Safe Stack is at top of the page above anything ALSO not inside the Stack Safe (as this was another problem of mine that I have added the page safe inside the stack safe).

It should work!

(rud comb) #13

thank you, i had the same issue :raising_hand_man: