LogHound plugins Moved to YourHead

3 Years ago I took over the maintenance of all of the LogHound plugins. In those three years we’ve updated every one of them, at least a little bit – and sometimes with big improvements too.

Unfortunately if you have a LogHound version, it can’t automatically find the new versions we’ve posted. You’ll have to download and replace them manually. It’s not automatic – but don’t worry, it’s not hard either. :slight_smile:

Here is where you can download each one, what their latest version is. And what version of RW they’re compatible with.

Paid Upgrade

  • PlusuKit 4 - the new version of PlusKit with many improvements to help make it faster and easier to use. RW v8.1.x compatible.

Free Updates

  • PlusKit 3 - the final free update to PlusKit. This one is RW 7 compatible, but some things don’t work in RW v8.x
    If you’re using RW v8.1, I’d strong urge you to upgrade to PlusKit 4.

  • SiteMap+ - RW v8.1 compatible, with UI improvements and even a nice new icon.

  • FAQMaker - RW v8.0 compatible

  • LockDown - RW v8.0 compatible

we are still working to improve RW v8.1 compatibility with FAQMaker and LockDown - if you experience problems with these plugins please let me know


RapidFlickr and RapidBlog have been discontinued. You should not attempt to use these with RW v8.x. But you can find a complete archive of their previous versions on the YourHead GitHub repository.

  • RapidFlickr archive - the final version is v3.0.0 beta 1 - it is RapidWeaver 7 compatible, but is likely to fail in RW v8.x

  • RapidBlog archive - the final version is v3.0.0 - It has issues connecting to Google’s blog services. But amazingly a dedicated RapidWeaver users was able to utilize the open source parts within RapidBlog and fix them too and created a stack to pull in your blogger posts to a Stacks page. Check it out here: Rapidblog alternative


Of course there are lots more plugins on our site too like Stacks. Those have great new updates too. And Stacks 4 soon (ish). :wink:

If you need help, our support links, FAQs, plugin archive of old versions, and the Stacks API are all at the bottom of every one of our pages on the YourHead.com website.


Any free updates are very generous after this amount of time. Much appreciated and thank you.

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