Login to individual pages in a site


I am working on a project where some pages are public, and some are for members only.

Is it possible to create a “member login” login to chosen pages in a project?

And if yes, I need ideas to how it is done :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

You can use Page Safe by Joe Workman, but that does not have specific usernames and passwords, just passwords. Loghound makes a plugin called Lockdown, which you could use. There is also a way if you have access to your CPanel to set up users and passwords for specific pages. I also think something called Sitelok is available.

Thanks @zeebe

I think this is what I seek

PageSafe is great for simple protection. I use it on some pages on some sites.

Sitelok is great for more complicated scenarios: individual logins, members only areas, individual members pages, etc. Very flexible and good. I use it for all my course websites (where students need to login and be protected). More here: http://www.vibralogix.com/sitelokpw/

I’ve been using Sitelok for years now, the developer uses RapidWeaver and is great at support, and I really have nothing bad to report about this product.

The specifics of your needs will dictate which product is better for your needs.

Thanks @Mathew

I am trying out Sitelok :slight_smile: