Login for a specific area on a webpage

(Nicolas) #1

Hi everybody !

What I’d like to do is to create a specific area in a existing webpage, locked by an user/password.

I mean that ; when you are on a webpage, if you know the passwords, you can unlock a specific area : you type your username/password, it just open a new space (with specific informations) in the same page ; it does not open a new page.

Is there a stack that could do that ?

Thanks :wink:

(NeilUK) #2

The only way I can think of achieving what you’re looking for is Sitelok, but it’s probably overkill in your situation.

Sitelok will allow you to show different content to logged in users on the same page. Users would need to become a “member” which you could offer for free, or paid if needed.

There are also some stacks that make it easier to manage Sitelok in RW.

There are other options, but as far as I know, they will only work for locking the whole page.

(Nicolas) #3

Hi Neil and thank you for your answer.
Yes ; I’ve read about Sitelock in the past and I think this is too complicated and I’m not even sure that it could do what I’m trying to :wink:

(NeilUK) #4

I’ve used Sitelok a lot for hiding/showing different things on different pages. One example would be if you had 10 images on a page, but you only wanted 5 of them visible to all users, but all 10 visible to logged in users. Under the 5th image would be a log in form. So when a user logs in, the other 5 images become visible to that user.

It’s an amazing bit of software, but it could be more than needed in your case.

(Nicolas) #5

OK ; this description seems to match with my needs : I’ll take a deep look at that if no other simple solution pops up !

(Mathew Mitchell) #6

Sitelok is probably your best option.

It all depends on how important individual passwords are. For instance, something that could be useful is this:

… but only if you don’t need individual passwords. I’d suggest exploring some of the other stacks at Stacks4stacks. Will may have something else that comes even closer. Or email Will directly. @willwood

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

Hello Nicolas,
So are you wanting something like this??

The password to get in is Solo

Please understand this is a very BASIC setup, you could do much more than what I have. I am using Page Safe stack by Joe Workman along with the included Stack Safe stack.

(Nicolas) #8

OK !!!
Mathew : not sure querydispaly could help me right now, but it’s an interesting stack that I’ll keep in mind ! Thanks !

Robert : yes, this is very close !! I just watched the video : I’ll have to figure out how to use it on a simple area but ; as you did so, it shouldn’t be a problem ! So thank you too :wink:

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #9

Let me know if you want that project file. It is made with Foundation but I can easily change that to the Reason theme that comes with RapidWeaver 6 & 7.

(Mathew Mitchell) #10

Yep, PageSafe is perfect for what you want. I’d forgotten about this feature of it. The Page Safe main stack, combined with the Stack Safe stack, is an easy perfect solution.

… the one caveat is it is one password. Do you really need individual passwords for what you are doing?

@zeebe: is there a way to add a few different passwords to the same page?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #11

Yup, when entering passwords into the Page Safe settings, hold down option and hit return to go to the next line (this is from the ToolTips of the stack)

The list of passwords will look like this:

So if you try the Page Safe demo above, it now can use ANY of those passwords

(Nicolas) #12

Mat ; yes, i do need individual passwords here.

Rob : yes sure ! Can you di that without my email address or do I have to put it here ?

(NeilUK) #13

Very handy. I didn’t realise PageSafe was so robust.

(Mathew Mitchell) #14


… and more letters for 20 characters

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #15

@luzule I can actually attach it here in the forums. I have decided to convert the project over to the Reason theme so anyone who see’s it here can download it and try it out. You will need the Page Safe stacks for it to work though. Here is the link:

(Nicolas) #16

Got it ! Thank you :wink:

(Brad Francis) #17

You can do it for FREE !!!
Google .HTACCESS password protect
You can set up several users if you like and revoke anyone at anytime.
Its very simple to deploy…
Brad Francis

(Juerg) #18

Hi Brad :grinning:, can you just give some examples on how to do that?

(Brad Francis) #19

All you need is to create two files and ftp them to your web server.
.htaccess & .htpassword

If you goto this webpage it will create these two files for you painlessly.

Follow the easy instructions and you will be able to create a very secured User/Password system on any folder/sub directory of your web server you wish. Its very easy!

If you have any problems - I could assist you by creating this two files for you and emailing them to you with instructions where to upload these two files.

My email is info@bradfrancis.info
Brad Francis

(Juerg) #20

Thank you very much for this explanation and your kind offer. I’ll try this in the near future. Good guy :sunglasses: