London. Any Weavers looking for work?

Hello all,
Weaving has always been a side hustle for me, but i’ve been able to make it a very good one. I’m a designer first; but the speed and simplicity of building a robust and stylish site using Foundation and TCMS and a variety of addons I’ve invested in over the years has helped me lure many clients away from more traditional developers.

I’ve reached the limit of the amount of work I can physically do myself and I’m thinking about expanding. Ideally, I’m looking for a fully-paid apprentice 18-24, who I can train up with the help of a government grant. But I’m open to anyone who might be interested in joining.

I won’t be dishing out work right away; this is a first for me and it’ll be a bit of a process to find the right person but once I do I’m offering a fair wage and consistent work + investment to provide you with the right tools and help develop your skills, in design and other software like Photoshop.

If anyone is remotely interested - and is local (at this stage I’m not considering remote workers) let me know below.



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