Rapidweaver designers in the UK

(Helen Martin) #1

Hi everyone,

I hope it is fine to ask this in the forum.

I’ve been using Rapidweaver for about 5 years in my web design business, and sometimes have more work than I can take on. I’m looking for UK designers who would be happy to take the odd client on when needed.



(Gabrielle Vickery) #2

Hi Helen,
I’d be happy to help for straightforward sites, I’m based between London and Cambridge, feel free to check out my own website: http://www.stormdesignprint.com/web/ :slight_smile:

(Helen Martin) #3

Hi Gabrielle,

Many thanks for your reply.

Can you PM me please to chat more about this.

(Mike Todd) #4

Hi Helen

I’m based in Kent and cover London and the SE, I would love to help.

I’ve just finished a big site for a client with multiple blogs, eCommerce and is a full TCMS system, it’s not live yet as the client is populating the content, and is currently locked, but I’m happy to send you the details.

My site is https://foliowebdesign.co.uk

I also built this site for a music teacher who is branching out: http://finetunearrangements.co.uk


(Helen Martin) #6

Hi Mike,

I’ve relied in PM.

Many thanks.