Looking for a forum stack

I think it is ironic that I am using the RapidWeaver Forum page to find a stack that can manage forums on my website. Does anybody know of a forum stack? I have done searches and cannot find one.

Thanks and Happy New Year

There is this stack by Stacks4Stacks



The mootable (Muut) stack is superb and really easy to use. Simply create an account at muut.com and use the settings in the stack in Rapidweaver. However, Muut is not free after the 7 day trial. I found another way of creating a forum; you can use any open source forum eg Beehive, MyBB, phpBB- create the community and then use the superb Grab Stack by Yuzool and embed the page in a rapidweaver stack.

Works brilliantly for me; I would love to make it look as if the forum were natively running inside my page but I can live with the clutter at the top of the screen (See below).

Hope this helps. Nice to be able to give something back to this great community for once!


And how is THE Realmac forum built, might I ask? I see it’s the same platform as Elixir’s support forum. I am curious because I am looking for a robust solution also, and this one seems powerful.

This forum uses https://www.discourse.org/

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