I would like to build a forum for my site but don't know how. Can anyone suggest a forum builder?

I want to build a forum for a website I am working on. Something people can join and upload pictures and discuss topics. I have never done this before and am wondering if anyone knows a way to do this? Also what is your opinion on having a forum for a site? Does it add to the appeal or do you think it looks like clutter? By the way I like the way this forum is built very good style.

I believe @willwood has a stack for this forum software

you can find it here
That is the easiest way to make a forum with a RapidWeaver site.


@VenusRising – I have tried the Muut forum and found out that the basic/free version is so limited in functionality that it did not suite my needs. Before you commit, check out and compare their free and/or paid plans.


I like their site I think it might be worth it. It will be my first forum… now I just need some people…lol

Thank you Zeebe :slight_smile:

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The inofficial German RapidWeaver Forum use Muut.

That works very well.
I believe this is the free version.



That is a nice forum and I like those scroll arrows. How can I put those on a page? This is like falling into a rabbit hole . I start with one thing and see something pretty and want to do another…lol I will go with muut because it looks modern.
I saw the other forums ( something like phpbb) but their setup looks dated,

What a goodlooking site I wish I could read that language. Does anyone know if that is a theme they are using?

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Yup, that is the Foundation Theme by Joe Workman.

@apfelpuree will be pleased, I think. He is the designer of this site :wink:

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I’ve made the arrows with ScrollTo (Tsooj). The site was developed with Foundation. I plan to publish a Foundation template based on that layout in the template section of my site, but give my some days.


It is one of the best sites I’ve seen. Aesthetically beautiful, clean and sharp .
You are a master of your craft! Amazing :slight_smile:

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These ROCK! Thanks for the suggestion!


I’ve used Vanilla forums and really like it. It’s free, and it can be embedded directly into a page. I would post examples, but they are private, and for my students only. If you use Sitelok, that member and access management software has a plugin for Vanilla forums. This is useful for this kind of scenario: I have a students only section of my website which provides resources such as reading lists, times and locations for meetings etc. Once they are logged into the student section, they are automatically logged into the forum as well.

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These are some useful forum builder software
phpBB forum
Vanilla Forum
bbPress Forum
miniBB Forum
IceBB Forum

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I checked out Vanilla and they make you pay for their service. I am currently using muut.com which I wasn’t to crazy about at first until I learned to tweek the aesthetics. Now I having fun with it , making crazy big fonts…lol

You can adjust the font sizes with custom CCS code. The selectors are


:smiley_cat: Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m planning to update the Mootable stack soon (it’ll probably get renamed to something else, in reflection of the fact that Moot became Muut). A couple of new settings are being added to extend the functionality of the stack and add a bit more style control.

IMO Muut remains one of the best forum solutions for RW users. Basic accounts are free, it’s safe and easy to setup. Forum software you host yourself is typically more time consuming to setup and administrate.


This is what I want to do I want to build with your stack for free. Muut is charging me right now. Can I switch back to free once I’ve paid? I can’t wait to see what you do with it. What are you going to name it? Muut sounds like Mute which is kinda hmmm strange considering its a product that helps keep dialogue going . I think products should have associations and meanings. I always put some hidden meaning into my sites that no one knows about except me :slight_smile: What about
“Revere” Paul Revere had the pony express. A route of communication. And revere means deep respect or admiration :slight_smile:Just a thought

a side note… I am laughing… Are you in UK right? “Paul Revere” warned us about you…lol
I better get some sleep