Looking for a gallery / lightbox

Quite a few years ago (back in the days of me using Dreamweaver) I purchased Flash Gallery from DMX Zone for my site.
I need to update my site and was looking for a replacement gallery / lightbox stack similar to the one I used to use.

Here’s a link to my old site:

Can anyone recommend anything, which is easy to use and doesn’t cost too much please?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply.
I already have ProGallery and found it to be too heavyweight and complex for me to get my head around :frowning:

Photo by Nick Cates or Gallery 3 by Instacks might be what you are after.


The choice of the particular gallery (there is tons of them) depends on your personal needs and tastes.

I have tried many galleries (including Gallery 3, Photo and Pro Gallery, among others), but I’ve decided to stay with Image Gallery from CosCulture, which gives me the most satisfying results for few years now. Highly recommended.

Thanks for all of the suggestions chaps.
I have taken the plunge with Gallery 3. It seems to do what I need though a vertical bar for thumbnails would be ideal for me.

Perhaps you should take a look at JuiceBox at https://www.juicebox.net

Hi Jeu,

Gallery 3 does all I pretty much want to / need to do at present.
Thanks for the heads up though.

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